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"The local solicitor they passed me on to kept me up to date and won me £1,200 in compensation."

Martina Southall, 41, from Dyfed, won compensation after slipping on a wet floor

Personal Injury And Accident Claims

If you have suffered a personal injury or accident that has had a detrimental effect on your health or your finances don’t give up hope - help is at hand. You are entitled to make a claim for compensation. Every day The Accident Claims Helpline assists hundreds of people like you in making a claim for their injuries. We have a fantastic success rate in getting 100% compensation for them. There is no reason why it should be any different for you.

The Accident Claims Helpline Is One Of The UK’s Leading Personal Injury Specialists

The Accident Claims Helpline is a team of fully qualified solicitors who are committed to achieving the maximum possible compensation for your personal injury. Making a personal injury claim can be a complicated and time consuming process, but our personal injury experts make it easy for you. Claim online today.

Types Of Personal Injury Claim

The term ‘personal injury’ covers a wide range of types of personal injuries and accidents. Some of the most common types of personal injury are road traffic accidents, whiplash injuries, slips and trips, accidents at work and injuries resulting from medical negligence. Other types of personal injuries include dog attack injuries, toxic sofa rash, criminal negligence and industrial diseases like asbestosis, chronic bronchitis, asthma and occupational deafness.

It Will Not Cost You A Penny To Make Your Personal Injury Claim

The Accident Claims Helpline operates on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Unlike many claims management companies our solicitors do not deduct any money from your compensation for the work we do. We receive compensation from the other side. Win or lose – either way it will not cost you a penny. There are no deductions of any kind. You will receive all the money due to you. This means you have nothing to lose by making a personal injury claim and only something to gain. If your injury claim is successful payout is fast. This stands in stark contrast to many personal injury solicitors and claims management companies where the process of paying you your compensation can drag on and on.

Benefits Of Making A Personal Injury Claim

There are several benefits to making a personal injury claim:

  • When people have a personal injury or accident they often have to take time off from work to recover. Unfortunately this can lead to financial strain which in turn can lead to people returning to work earlier than is optimum. Winning a personal injury claim goes some way to alleviating this pressure. The money gives you time and space to make a full recovery.
  • Making a claim for personal injury can help prevent the accident from happening again to someone else. For example an injury claim made following a chemical spillage in a factory may lead to the factory management putting measures in place to ensure a similar accident won’t happen again.
  • Being the unfortunate victim of an injury or accident can have a profound psychological effect on a person, rendering them vulnerable for example to feelings of helplessness and even depression. The act of making a claim can have an empowering effect on a person, where they begin to feel for example a new sense of purpose, or a means to redress a wrong, maybe a way to retrieve their dignity.

In order to make a claim: please call now on 0845 056 9269 or complete this form for a quick response to your claim.